How it Works

Being that we value Growth, RAWR will always utilize the expertise of 2 RAWR ambassadors for any training that is provided. This will enable possible variance in presentation styles, perspectives, and connecting with the audience. Additionally, from a self- growth standpoint RAWR ambassadors will always watch each other to learn and provide feedback to sustain and improve for the presenter.

Types of Presentations

RAWR conducts small group full in depth workshops and large assemblies with thousands of people and everything in between. The size, amount of time, and most importantly the intent of the sessions will dictate how we formulate our sessions.


Coordination and communication is extremely important. With any event there are many details that need to be figured out for a successful experience.

Our Services

Pay it forward!

Those who want the services and can not only afford to cover the costs for their training, but are willing to donate extra funds to cover the training of others.

Sign us up!

Those who want the training and can cover the expenses of their training but no other donations are able to be made at this point.

We want it!

Those who do not have the funding for training but see the need/desire for it. Due to the kindness of others, we can conduct these trainings.

Believe in you!

For those who believe in RAWR and helping others but do not have time to receive their own training, or wish to donate at any point in the year without it being directly connected to a specific training.

How to Start

Shoot us an email at with your interest and contact information and we will respond to get the ground work started for a great event!

RAWR is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.